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Welcome to an overview of our proposals for the vacant Barbara Speake Stage School site on East Acton Lane.




Welcome to an overview of Luxgrove’s proposals for the vacant Barbara Speake Stage School site on East Acton Lane.

The evolving high quality proposals include the following benefits to the local community:

  • Deliver c.40 homes and target a policy compliant scheme in the provision of affordable housing;
  • Provide improvements to the current street and townscape;
  • Optimise communal spaces with a focus on a new courtyard; and
  • Provide green roofs that will enhance the overall biodiversity and ecology.

We are committed to consultation with local residents and the local community. It is therefore important for us to understand your opinions and we appreciate you taking the time to visit our community hub and sharing your views on the proposed new development. Once you have reviewed the proposals below, please provide feedback by clicking the “Have Your Say” button on the main page or in the menu.

The Site

The site is located at the current Barbara Speake Stage School, East Acton Lane, London W3 7EG.

Currently, there is one building onsite which is composed of multiple volumes and later additions. This is set back from the road by a front yard.

The current building is tired, unloved and in need of significant repair. It has little architectural merit and does not fit well with the wider setting.

Existing building from front

Side view of existing building

Rear view of existing building

Design Proposals

Initial sketch of site

Aerial view of proposed site

View from front of proposed site

View from the side of the proposed site

View of the proposed courtyard

View of the proposed site from the rear


The external envelope is mainly made of bricks, with the exception of the ground and top floors which ares clad in aluminium panels.

We propose to use red bricks, widely used in the adjacent buildings and surrounding area. Brick detailing is carefully utilized to provided visual appeal, yet achieving simple and proportioned elevations.

We propose to use aluminium windows, matching the cladding of the ground and top floors.

The balconies are designed to sit within the overall form of the building, to create the character of an external room. Glass or open metal balustrade will maximise the amount of light coming through the balconies.

Examples of materials

Examples of materials

Examples of materials

Public Realm

The existing public realm along East Acton Lane is poor quality and not welcoming. A low rendered wall with metal fencing currently sits along the pavement. The pavement is made of concrete pavers and the front yard between the school and the pavement is asphalt.

Existing Public Realm

The proposed scheme looks at improving the pedestrian experience by replacing the boundary fence with a low wall made of quality bricks. 

Well maintained green gardens are positioned between the brickwork wall and the building, and new paving is provided.

As the garage is removed, the pavement can be extended to improve pedestrian safety.

Proposed Public Realm


The site benefits from good access by rail and bus, with 3 train stations within a normal walking distance and bus stops located close by. The site will be car-free to meet with London policy but to ensure that people who need to drive are able to do so, disabled parking will be provided. There are three short-stay spaces on-street immediate to the site which are not part of the local resident’s parking zone, and it is proposed to convert one or two of these to disabled parking bays. The remaining space will be retained as existing, which will allow for general use during daytime hours.

The design includes ample cycle parking, including provision for children’s cycles and adapted cycles. There will be at least two different cycle stores at ground floor level, with a mix of stacking and non-stacking stands to allow all new residents the chance to enjoy cycling to and from their home, and for their visitors to arrive by bicycle.

Waste and refuse will be contained in new secure stores at ground floor level, and collection at kerbside will continue as existing. Bin men will be able to access the stores, which will be close enough to the road that there will be no need to move bins outside on collection day, and no unsightly piling of waste near the road. Deliveries will also continue to operate from the kerbside. Most deliveries will be small vehicles, and would be able to park using the remaining on-street space.

The pavement and environment on East Acton Lane outside of the site will be improved by removing the existing wall and fences, and introducing new trees and landscaping. We also understand that a new crossing is being proposed for East Acton Lane to help pedestrians to cross the road and reach the school and nursery – we support this and will work with the local authority accordingly.


Green infrastructure and urban greening factor

The proposals will create a verdant, habitat rich environment of private and communal gardens, terraces and green roofs. New trees and associated planting will add to the overall green infrastructure of the site, complementing the architecture and providing a distinctive character for the development. Species will be selected to link with the wider landscape context and adjacent Green Corridor.

Extensive brown/blue/green roof systems will be incorporated on inaccessible roof areas and the proposals aim to achieve the target score of 0.4.

Climate change resilience

The principles of ecosystem services are integrated throughout the strategy to create a comprehensive landscape that works hard, providing a unique character and contributing as a living and evolving environment. Car free and with a high provision of cycle parking the design aims for active transport priority. Tree species will be selected to improve air quality through reduced air temperature and absorption and interception of particular matter.

Resilient planting will be selected to respond to wetter winters/more seasonal extreme weather events and dried warmer summers.

Sustainable urban drainage

All hard surfaces will be permeable and opportunities for blue roof treatments will be explored to provide attenuation. Areas of planting will be maximised as rain gardens or bioretention (where possible) and tree pits will be connected with below ground rooting zones, all harnessing the wider benefits of climate change resilience, habitat creation and amenity provision.

About Us

Luxgrove Homes continues to be committed to creating a positive environmental, social and economic legacy for future generations in Ealing. This goes to the core of Luxgrove’s commitment to investing in Ealing – creating great places, homes, and communities, which stand the test of time, with life at the centre of it all. Luxgrove has delivered over 20 sites in Ealing over the past decade and continues to invest in Ealing with over 100 new homes in development across small and medium sites all due for completion in 2021 and 2022.


We engage fully with local communities when creating new developments. We seek to ensure that our work creates a positive legacy that helps local communities thrive. Views of the local community obtained prior to starting work on any site are an integral part of our approach. Plans are developed based on the feedback received from members of the local community who are then kept fully informed of progress throughout the construction of the site.


We have a long track-record of working closely with Ealing Council and communities to create unique places sympathetic to their neighbourhoods which are characterised by the quality of their design, public real and sustainability features. We approach each development in a spirit of partnership and work in collaboration with the local planning authority and communities. We understand the needs and sensitivities and reflect these in our designs to the greatest extent possible. A Luxgrove development always has its own identity, with no two developments the same. Attention to detail is paramount to our design to ensure the specification of each home and building suits the lifestyle of our customers. However, design is about more than just the homes and buildings. High quality landscape and public realm is the essence of a successful development. We also consider how best to connect the development to the surrounding neighbourhood to bring about the greatest sense of community and integration.


Our social and environmental impact is an important concern to us and we continue to find ways to protect the environment through our operations. Luxgrove Homes aspire to deliver high quality homes with low environmental impact where people aspire to live. We design our homes to consider future climate change to ensure continued thermal comfort, connectivity and environmental performance. Excellence through detail is one of our company values and is applied at every stage of a project to create exceptional homes. To ensure we meet the highest standards, we implement high design and construction standards every step of the process by allocating a dedicated and experienced project team responsible for all aspects of the delivery. The coordination of our in-house expertise and teams of external consultants and contractors through effective communication is paramount to our ability to deliver high quality developments.



Launch Community Hub and start public consultation


Review consultation responses and submit planning application

APRIL 2021:

Possible determination of the planning application by the London Borough of Ealing

APRIL 2021:

Works commence on site at East Acton Lane dependant on achieving the relevant permissions

MARCH 2023:

Target date for works to be completed

MARCH 2023:

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